Are Nokian Tires Good – How Long Do They Last?

Nokian tires produce the best winter tires available on the current market. The tires give amazing traction and control on snowy and wet surfaces.

They offer high-performance summer and touring tires as well. All Nokian tires come with an extended warranty period at a good price point. So, to briefly answer the question, “Are Nokian tires good?” The answer is yes. 

In the rest of this blog, I will dive deep into what makes Nokian tires a good purchase and the nitty gritty details about them.

Are Nokian Tires Good - How Long Do They Last?

>> Competitor: BF Goodrich Tires

Who makes Nokian tires? the founder of Nokian

Nokian Tyre manufactures and distributes its own tires. They have their own manufacturing facilities where they produce all of their tires.  

Where are Nokian tires made?

Nokian tires are manufactured in the company’s factories in Finland and the United States. They’ve recently decided to invest in building factories in Europe as well. 

How Does Nokian Tire’s Warranty Work?

All Nokian tires come with an industry-standard  5-year limited warranty. 

Some Nokian tires include a pothole protection warranty. Nokian uses advanced Aramid technology to make these tires highly durable and resistant to wear and cuts. The company will replace any of these tires free of charge if they suffer irreparable damage from road hazards. 

A 30-day satisfaction guarantee is available on a few additional Nokian tires. Customers can therefore request a replacement if they don’t feel right within the first few days thanks to a satisfaction guarantee. 

Note: Tires must be purchased from authorized sellers to get the warranty. Further T&C applied with the warranty. 

Nokian Tires Pricing

Nokian tire prices vary depending on the tire model and category. Below is the approximate price range list for Nokian tires: 

CategoryAVG price
All-season tires$150-200
All-terrain tires$160-200
WR G4 tires$140-180
Rotiiva tires$160-220
Hakkapeliitta 9 Studded tires$160-230
eNTYRE Tires$90-110
ZLine Tires$100-150

How Good Are Nokian Tires – are they last long?

Nokian tires are really good for the money, especially winter tires. Here are the top five reasons that make Nokia tires a good purchase. 

#1- Wonderful All-Season Tires

Nokian all-season tires such as the WR G4 series and the entire series offer high performance in dry, wet, and snowy weather. They have an advanced tread pattern and black sidewall technology that gives them more stability, grip, and control. Furthermore, the tires are perfectly suitable for use on both highways and off-road. 

#2- Great Performance in Snow and Rain

Nokian tires are best known for their winter tires. The Hakkapeliitta R3 tires are one of the best and most reliable winter tires available on the market. These tires have combined the best quality grip with the highest amount of comfortability in snowy and iced roads. The superior grip and control give you confidence on slippery, risky roads. 

#3- Durable Construction

Nokian tires generally have very robust and durable construction. In particular, the Hakkapeliitta tires, Outpost tires, ATOutpost APT tires, Rockproof tires, WR G4 SUV, WR C3, and zine A/S SUV tires use highly durable Aramid fibers, which are used in bulletproof vests. 

Furthermore, the sidewall of these tires is also reinforced with durable materials that are very resistant to cuts and wear. The rest of the tire series are also designed and built with powerful materials that make them long-lasting while maintaining constant high performance. 

#4- Wide Range of Tires

Nokian offers a variety of tire series for passenger cars, SUVs, 4×4 tires, van tires, and heavy tires. The tires differ in performance, application, and price. So, there’s something for everyone. 

Although they are currently most known for their winter tires, they are innovating rigorously and coming up with modern and extremely high-performance summer tires. 

#5- Impressive Warranty Period

Nokian offers a very favorable and impressive warranty period with its tires. All Nokian tires come with a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase and a 6-year warranty from the date of manufacture. 

The entire series and One tire series get a limited 80,000-mile limited tread wear warranty. The tires with Aramid technology have a POTHOLE PROTECTION WARRANTY which entitles them to replacement for any irreparable damage caused by a road hazard. The brand also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with the tires, which puts your money on the safe side. 

Nokian tires vs Michelin – which tire to choose?

Nokian winter tires are often tossed around and compared with top-quality brands such as Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Michelin, etc. I have seen many people compare Nokian winter tires, such as the WR G4, with Michelin’s X-Ice tires. 

Here’s my take on this comparison: the WR G4 Nokian tires offer stronger braking and control on wintery wet roads.

And, although Michlin X-ice tires are more powerful in aquaplaning, rolling resistance, and handling, in terms of the main characteristics of winter tires, Nokians Hakkkapelliitta tires win with their superior grip, control, and comfort. 

Where to buy Nokian tires

You can buy Nokian tires on Amazon. However, make sure to check if the seller on Amazon is an authorized seller for Nokian. Otherwise, the warranty and guarantee will not be eligible for your order. 

You can also buy Nokian tires from Walmart. I would suggest you directly buy the tires from Nokian’s official dealers. They have hundreds of dealers and retailers all over the USA. You can find the dealers here.

Nokian Tires Reviews

Nokian tires have positive reviews across all platforms. They have an average 4.5-star rating on Amazon, Walmart, Consumer Reports, and other retail and rating websites. 

Most customers praised the control and grip of the winter tires. Many reviewers also applaud the longevity of the tires. There are a couple of negative reviews mentioning a lack of good customer service. 

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Before I wrap up the blog, I want to address a few more quick questions many people ask about Nokian tires. 

1. How long do Nokian tires last?

Nokian tires can last anywhere between 5 to 7 years. 

2. Is Nokian a premium TYRE?

Yes, Nokian is a premium tire based on quality and price range. Nokian tires compete with other premium brands such as BF Goodrich, Michelin, and Goodyear tires. 

3. Are Nokian One tires good in snow?

Yes, Nokian One tires perform well in snow. They perform satisfactorily on all types of roads and weather as all-season tires. 

4. Are Nokian All season tires good in snow?

Yes, Nokian tires are best known for their high performance in snow. Nokian all-season tires provide great grip and stability on snow and ice. 

Final Words

Nokian tires are great for the money. They are reliable and perform very well in winter and snow. The tires have a very robust and durable build that promises to last a long period of time. Nokian gives a great warranty with all of their tires, especially with the eNTYRE, Hakkapeliitta, and the One series tires. 

If I had to suggest an alternative for Nokian tires, it would be Fuzion tires from Bridgestone.

You are now well-equipped with the knowledge to decide whether to get Nokian tires or not. If you have any further queries, leave them in the comment section. 

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