top 5 Best 33×12.50r20 All Terrain Tires on the market

The purpose of all-terrain tires is to be able to take a pickup or SUV to terrains that are otherwise unfavorable to vehicles. Coming in various dimensions, the best 33×12.50r20 all-terrain tires in the market are:

  • TBB TS-57 R/T All-Terrain
  • Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T
  • Maxxis Razr AT-811 etc.

Apart from these tires I mentioned above, there are other brands as well with top-quality all-terrain tires in their rank, which I will discuss. These are the tires that can handle all terrains such as rocks, snow, sand as well as pavement. The versatility of these tires can be attributed to their tread designs and depth, the build of the shoulders, superior side walls, etc.

These tires not only tackle the adversities posed by tough terrains but also can run on the streets like usual vehicles without any hiccups. If anything, they give traditional car tires a run for their money for how classy they look, not to mention, their efficiency.

Best 33x12.50r20 All Terrain Tires on the market

Best 33×12.50r20 All Terrain Tires You Should Buy

All-terrain tires make traveling and working in such terrains possible which were previously impossible to travel to and work in. That makes them a very in-demand commodity among pickup owners. But what are the top 33×12.50r20 all-terrain tires? Look below to find out more:

Top #1 All Terrain: TBB TS-57 R/T All-Terrain

Coming from the famous tire manufacturer TBB, the TBB TS-57 R/T All-Terrain is an extremely good all-terrain tire. If you have pickup trucks and are looking for an all-terrain tire, this tire is just the perfect fit for your vehicle. It can travel on any kind of surface during any season due to having compound materials suited for every season. Even if the truck has to travel on softer surfaces like snow and mud, this tire has tread patterns that are aggressively designed to ensure the truck’s forward movement.

But the tread design is not meant for greater grip only, as it also helps the driver to gain higher control over the truck than ever before. This aspect is very important as you need to have proper control of the car to ensure smooth driving as well as safety. The TBB TS-57 R/T All-Terrain also has sidewalls that are reinforced so that the tire doesn’t get damaged by rocks or other sharp objects. The comfort of the driver isn’t compromised as well, due to the tire absorbing all shock as well as vibrations.

The tread of the TBB TS-57 R/T All-Terrain cleans itself, which means- the tread doesn’t get blocked with snow, mud, or rocks whenever it travels on those surfaces. Like uneven surfaces, this tire is equally apt for dealing with even surfaces such as concrete and pavement. When on the streets, the TBB TS-57 R/T All-Terrain ensures maximum silence.

Special Features:

  • Aggressive tread patterns make traveling on softer surfaces easy.
  • Better control
  • Sidewalls built for protection
  • Absorbs all kinds of shocks as well as vibrations

Top #2 All Terrain: The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

Another powerful all-terrain tire, the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T is made for pickups and SUVs. The tread pattern of the tire makes the tire suitable for every terrain possible, making sure of maximum traction in every kind of weather. The sidewalls also ensure the tire has a maximum grip on the softest of surfaces such as snow and mud.

The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T cleans itself, which means no stones will block the treads and ensures a cleaner footprint. The tire is made of compounds that are very durable and also distribute the pressure evenly across the tire’s surface. This ensures the tire has a long lifespan and is durable under harsh circumstances. The controllability of the tire is enhanced by constant road contact.

Special Features:

  • Sidewalls built for ensuring maximum traction
  • Self-cleaning tires
  • Pressure is distributed equally throughout the tire, preventing damage
  • Constant road contact enhances controllability.

Top #3 All Terrain: The NITTO RIDGE GRAPPLER All-Terrain

Nitto has been manufacturing some extremely good all-terrain tires for quite some time. The NITTO RIDGE GRAPPLER All-Terrain is one such addition to their already burgeoning ranks. It takes all the best qualities from its mud terrain tires and integrates them with all-terrain tires. As a result, this tire ensures a comfortable ride not only on mud but on every type of surface.

The NITTO RIDGE GRAPPLER All-Terrain comes with aggressive tread patterns that ensure maximum traction on soft surfaces as well as tougher ones. But off-roading isn’t the only thing this tire excels at. Even on city streets, the tire is as reliable as it is off them. Whenever it rains or snows, the tire rolls on like nothing ever happened.

The tread design of the NITTO RIDGE GRAPPLER All-Terrain is a piece of art. It has tread patterns of variable pitch, step-block edges, and zigzag patterned grooves that provide maximum traction. Also, the shoulder grooves are designed in such a way that they push mud out of the treads immediately. The tires also come with stone ejectors that prevent rock from blocking the treads and damaging the tire.

Special Features:

  • Maximum traction is ensured by aggressive tread patterns
  • Shoulder blocks eject mud as soon as they are deposited.
  • Equipped with stone ejectors

Top #4 All Terrain: The Maxxis Razr AT-811

A pioneer in manufacturing all-terrain tires, Maxxis has produced a lot of exemplary tires over the years. The Maxxis Razr AT-811 is no exception to this. The tire’s foray into every kind of terrain possible is helped by tread patterns that are as aggressive as they are efficient. A superb upper sidewall also does the tire no harm.

Rated 3PMSF, the Maxxis Razr AT-811 is particularly at home when making its way through the snow. Not only that, it will not be damaged by the colder temperatures when doing so. Taking the best bits of Maxxis’ mud terrain tires, the tire is also very good at wading through muddy surfaces as well as pavements.

Special Features:

  • Aggressive and efficient tread patterns
  • Damage prevention due to sturdy upper sidewall
  • 3PMSF rated

Top #5 All Terrain: The Toyo Open Country A-T II

Toyo has been setting examples of how to make all-terrain tires for a long time. Of all the all-terrain tires they have manufactured so far; the Toyo Open Country A-T II is one of the very best. The tread compound of this tire makes the tire extremely durable.

The performance of the Toyo Open Country A-T II is ensured by an aggressively designed sidewall and open tread blocks. Not only do these make the tire perform at its best in terrains such as snow, but they also make it look classy. The comfort of the driver is never compromised as the tire moves along quietly in the streets as well as the surfaces.

The Toyo Open Country A-T II is especially adept at moving on snowy surfaces due to Z- shaped sipes and polygonal blocks. While snowy surfaces are its specialty, it is equally adept at traversing rocky terrains. Tread grooves of this tire are deep and have blocks that eject stones, preventing damage to the tire. The handling of the

Toyo Open Country A-T II is exceptional, due to bead designs that are specially made for this purpose as well as enhancing the durability of the tire.

Special Features:

  • Treads made of durable compounds
  • Aggressive side walls along with open tread blocks
  • Comfortable for the drivers
  • Polygonal blocks and Z-shaped sipes make light work of moving through snow
  • Has stone detectors
  • The superb bead design makes the tire durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Size Tire Is Equal To A 33X12 50×20?

The dimensions of a 33×12.50R20 tire are a height of 33 inches, a width of 12 and a half inches, and can be fit on wheels having a diameter of 20. When these dimensions are converted to the metric system, the dimensions stand at 318/52R20. But this is not an available tire dimension, so the ideal dimension for a 33×12.50R20 tire in the metric system would be 325/50R20.

2. For Which Vehicles All-Terrain Tires Are Best For?

All-terrain tires are best for vehicles that travel tough terrains and have high torque in their engines. Having engine power that is considered high is also a prerequisite for having All-terrain tires. The vehicle’s all-terrain tires are best for-

  • Light Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Pickup Trucks
  • 4-wheel drive Cars
  • Campers

Final Words

Of all the tires that specialize in going off-road, all-terrain tires top the list among them. These tires don’t only specialize in one kind of terrain, rather they can traverse every kind of terrain out there with ease. All the Best 33×12.50r20 All Terrain Tires have a few things in common that make them able to handle these tough terrains.

These tires made by Maxxis, Venom, TBB, Nitto, and Toyo have exceptional tread design, aggressive side walls, and other components which make them a must-have

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