Top 7 Best Tires for Burnouts – (In Every Price Range)

To perform the perfect burnout, you need to have a set of tires that you can rely upon without a second thought. Any tire that can withstand the beating of a perfect burnout can be considered the best tire for burnouts

It’s obvious that regular tires aren’t tough enough to withstand smokey burnouts. You need robust and high-ultra-performance tires to perform a perfect burnout with your car. In this blog, I’m bringing to you the seven best tires for burnouts available on the market today.

I’ve included tires ranging from premium to more affordable. So, you will find the best tires for burnout according to your needs and requirements. 

Here’s the list of the top seven best tires for burnouts: 

  1. Michelin Pilot Super Sport (Best overall)
  2. Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position (Best Premium)
  3. Hankook Ventus R-S4 – (Best budget-friendly)
  4. Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus (Best for summer)
  5. Falken Azenis RT615K+ (Best value for money)
  6. Goodyear Eagle Sport (Best all-season tires for burnouts)
  7. Continental ExtremeContact Sport (Best all-around tires for burnouts)
Top 7 Best Tires for Burnouts - (In Every Price Range)

1. Michelin Pilot Super SportBest overall tire for burnouts

A high level of handling response.It lacks a good grip on wet surfaces. 
Impressive cornering ability
Best performance in summer
30,000-miles tread life warranty

When looking for an ultra-high performance tire, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport comes up again and again, and for good reasons.

For starters, the tire has a lower body weight thanks to the Filament At Zero Degrees technology. It decreases the tire’s rolling resistance while improving the mileage. 

Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire has the best handling response, grip, and cornering ability in the warm summer weather. In the case of winter or rain, it fails to provide a constant good grip, which is quite unfortunate. It would undoubtedly be the best all-weather tire without this vice. 

The most important aspect of burnout tires, aside from performance, is their durability. In terms of build quality, the tire has no shortcomings whatsoever. It has the durability and robustness you would expect from an ultra-high-performance (UHP) tire. 

Finally, the tire has a 30,000-mile warranty, which is pretty good for a UHP tire.

2. Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole PositionBest Premium tires for burnouts

Excellent dry gripThe tread wears out comparatively faster as it’s an ultra high-performance tire.
An amazing handling response that you can be confident about.Expensive
90-day try-out warranty
Premium build quality

Bridgestone is currently the largest tire manufacturer in the world, followed by Michelin. And, the Potenza tire series is the best ultra-high performance tire from Bridgestone. You know what that means—premium quality and high performance. 

The Potenza S-04 Pole Position tire has a good dry grip and handling response. It also has sharp steering and control. The tire achieves its stiffness and stability using two steel belts and spirally wrapped aramid cords. The tire is designed with added rubber on the sidewall to increase the traction and stiffness when cornering. 

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. Most Bridgestone tires are expensive, and this model is no different. But if you have a high budget to choose the best tire for burnouts, it’d be worthwhile to spend it on the premiums of Bridgestone tires. 

Lastly, the weakness of the Potenza S-04 Pole Position lies in the wet applications. It’s not the best suitable tire for winter or rain. Another downside would be that the tire tread wears out faster than other tires. But, as an ultra-high-performance tire, it’s expected to do so because of its design and construction.

3. Hankook Ventus R-S4The best affordable tires for burnouts

Reliable dry grip.Not the best for wet applications
Good steering and handling response.It can be noticeably noisy.
Impressive treadwear
Great value for an affordable price.

The first two tires on the list are premium and expensive. Now, let’s look at a tire that would not dig a hole in your wallet. 

The Hankook Ventus R-S4 tire meets all of the requirements for the best tires for burnouts, despite costing 30–40% less than the premium tires. 

The steering response and handling characteristics of the tires are pleasing. It provides dependable traction on dry surfaces. The tire has two main channel grooves that improve traction on wet surfaces. 

PS: To get the best results from these tires, it’s necessary to keep them at optimal air pressure at all times.

The Hankook Ventus R-S4 offers a comfortable ride. After some time, there may be a slight humming sound, but nothing that would be bothersome or distracting. 

In terms of treadwear, the tire does last a good amount of time before showing any significant wear with regular use. You will receive a good return on your investment with these tires. But if you do a burnout, the tire would lose a lot of its tread just like any other tire.

4. Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus – Best summer tire for burnouts

An all-around tire with a summer specialtyIt wears down fast as it’s a UHP tire.
Good grip on wet and dry surfaces.
Low noise and comfortable

Summer is the perfect time to do a burnout, and the Pirelli P Zero is the best tire to go along with that. Their strength to withstand extremely hot temperatures makes them the perfect fit for the perfect burnout. 

It has a unique design that combines nano compounds with an asymmetric tread pattern that boosts its stability, handling response, and cornering performance. 

Furthermore, as an all-season tire, the P Zero model works fine on wet surfaces. It uses three longitudinal grooves, a wide circumference groove, and an “S” shaped sipe to diffuse hydroplaning and retain control over the steering. 

PS: A sipe, also known as a kerf, is a tiny slit situated on the tread of the tire’s block to increase the tread surface and have a better grip on wet and snowy roads. 

The tire has very low noise and provides a comfortable ride constantly. 

In terms of treadwear, the Pirelli P Zero all-season tire acts just like any other ultra-high-performance tire. The tread on this tire wears out faster compared to regular everyday tires. But, that’s inevitable, especially when you are doing a burnout.

5. Falken Azenis RT615K+ – Best Value for money tire for burnouts 

Very impressive results in summerIt makes a noticeable noise. 
brilliant grip and control on dry surfaces.
It comes in a reasonable price range. 
Flexible and adhering sidewall 

For extreme applications like burnout, the Falken Azenis RT615K+ is a wise choice. This tire has excellent grip on dry surfaces, especially when they are warmed up. They won’t provide you with as much traction as Michelin Pilot Sport or Bridgestone Potenza, but they are also not as expensive. The tire offers you value for money. 

Falken uses a 4D nano design on the tire to increase adhesion and flexibility. It also helps to withstand higher temperatures in summer, which is essential for performing burnouts. 

The tire uses a huge sport-size shoulder block to offer the highest level of traction, grip, and steering response on dry surfaces. 

The downsides of these tires can be seen in the comfort and noise. They are not the best for low noise, to put it simply. During normal rides, and especially during burnouts, you may notice noticeable noise from the tires. 

Just like any other high-performance tire for burnouts, the Falken Azenis fails to give the best results in winter or wet roads. However, given their price range, they make excellent choices for summer and dry conditions. 

6. Goodyear Eagle Sport Tires – Best All-Season Tire For Burnouts 

Very impressive traction, handling responsiveness, and control.It can be noticeably noisy
It gives a promising performance in dry conditions. 
A favorable warranty 

When money is tight, Goodyear Eagle Sport is a fantastic alternative. It might also be the top all-season sports tire on this list. These tires offer excellent value for the money and have a good warranty. 

The tires are made of a strong, resilient material that can withstand an ideal burnout. As an all-season tire, they perform superbly in all circumstances, but especially during the summer. 

They are not the most comfortable tires in terms of noise. At high speeds, there may be audible noise on the road. However, a little noise would be much preferred if you were buying them for burnout, wouldn’t you say? 

Both during burnouts and everyday use, you can count on having a firm grip and good control over the steering. Given that UHP tires tend to wear out more quickly, Goodyear is offering a 50,000-mile limited tread life warranty with the tires, which is incredible.

7. Continental ExtremeContact SportBest all-around tires for burnouts

Great traction, cornering ability, and handling response.N/A 
The best tire for winter applications 
comfortable and with low road noise. 
Impressive tread life 

Last on my list is a very powerful tire coming from a very reputable brand with a long and positive history of service.  

The ExtremeContact Sport tires from Continental are made to give the best performance on the racing track and any other extreme conditions you can apply them to. They are ultra-high-performance tires with a very good amount of grip, cornering ability, and traction. 

Most tires I recommend on this list fail to give the desired perfect results on wet pavements. This tire breaks the cycle as the best tire for winter applications. 

The ExtremeContact Sport tires can give you the desired performance on both winter and rainy days. It beats the Michelin Pilot Sports tire in terms of winter performance and pricing. 

The tires have a robust construction that keeps them from fading away from extreme applications. Lastly, the tires are low in noise and offer a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Things To Check When Buying The Best Tire For Burnouts

Hopefully, you have now found the best tire for burnout that meets your requirements. Now, I want to share a few very important factors that you should keep in mind when making your purchase. 

1. Tire tread wear 

Each burnout causes a significant loss in the tire tread. After one or two burnouts, most tires are no longer usable. The rubber components of the tire burn while you are performing the burnout due to friction with the road, which produces smoke. 

So, it’s very important the tread on the tire is durable and thick enough to last a proper one to three minutes of burnout. 

As a general rule, avoid performing a burnout if you have any doubts about the tires’ ability to withstand it. 

2. Grip

When performing a burnout, you need to have a secure grip and control over the steering. When choosing a tire for burnouts, check the grip, cornering ability, handling response, and stability of the tire. If you think they are up to the mark, then you can confidently proceed. 

3. Dry and Winter Performance 

As you have seen in this blog, not all tires perform well on wet surfaces. Though most tires from any reputed brand perform well on dry roads, they fail to impress on winter and wet surfaces. If you are performing burnouts in the winter or during rain, make sure that your tires have the attributes and abilities of the best winter tires. 

How To Do A Successful Burnout

If you want to know how to perform the best burnout, you can watch this video where it’s explained in a very beginner-friendly way. 

people also ask (FAQs)

Before I wrap up the blog, I want to address a few more brief questions that many people have about performing burnout. 

1. What kinds of tires are best for burnout?

Sports tires or Ultra High Performance (UHP) tires are the best for doing burnouts. I have listed the seven best tires for burnout on this blog for you. 

2. Do burnouts damage your car?

Yes, burnouts can significantly reduce the lifespan of your tires and also damage the brakes on your car. 

3. Can you do a burnout on an automatic?

Yes, both automatic and manual cars can perform a burnout. A manual car makes it simpler to perform a burnout than an automatic one. 

4. How much burnout can a tire take?

A number of factors, including tire condition, burnout time, road condition, etc., really come into play. A tire will typically wear out after one, two, or a maximum of three perfect two-three minute burnouts. If it’s an old tire, it’ll be completely worn out after the first full burnout. 

Final Words

I hope you’ve found the ideal tires for your needs. If I had to pick just one tire for burnouts, it would be the Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires. 

You can, however, select any of the seven tires I’ve recommended in this list of the best tires for burnouts. Any of these tires will provide you with positive and satisfying results. 

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you with an answer.

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