What Is C0561 Code On chevy & How To Fix It?

You may be familiar with engine error codes if you own a car. These codes indicate different problems related to various parts of the engine. For Chevrolet vehicles, the C0561 code Chevy is just one of those codes.

In short, this code is used as a warning that your vehicle’s ABS is not working perfectly. But that’s not the whole story.

We’ll start with what is meant by it. And eventually cover the symptoms, causes, and of course the solutions to this problem. So, let’s see it in more detail.

C0561 code chevy

What Does C0561 Code Mean On chevy?

In Chevrolet vehicles, the C0561 code indicates a problem within EBCM. Any malfunction in the EBCM or electronic brake control module can cause this code to appear while scanning.

In most cases, if the EBCM is getting unexpected or faulty data from any of its corresponding modules, it can show the error code. Even sometimes, the code can be a warning that the EBCM itself is damaged or not working in the right manner.

So, whenever you see this code while diagnosing your Chevy vehicle, you can consider that your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system may be in bad condition and need to be fixed soon.

How serious is the C0561 code on chevy?

Before going into it, you must know how ABS works. This is an amazing system that is available in almost all modern vehicles.

What it does is simple but fascinating. The ABS or traction control system has some sensors in it. It can read the driving conditions and the intent of the driver. According to the data it gathers, it decides whether to activate the braking system or not.

So, you see, to control the traction force and ensure the stability of the vehicle while driving proper data should be collected. This is where the problem arises.

If the sensors fail to collect proper data or the control module gets damaged, it will stop the ABS from working properly. If neglected, it can cause severe damage to the vehicle or even cause accidents.

3 most common symptoms of C0561 in chevy

To fix this issue first you have to identify the problem. Just like doctors, you have to observe some symptoms to find out what’s the problem. Here I’m going to share the most common symptoms which indicate the C0561 error code.

1. ABS light illuminates:

As this code is directly related to the ABS or traction control system, any problem with this system will illuminate the ABS light. So, if you see the light is on, you better check if the code C0561 appears while scanning the engine.

2. ABS not working:

The next symptom is the ABS of your vehicle may not work if there is a problem related to the C0561 code.

3. Power reduction:

Though it’s not always a clear symptom of C0561 code Chevy, sometimes it can be. When there is a problem with EBCM or ABS, the engine will decrease its power output. But I repeat, it can be caused by some other reasons too. So, C0561 ma6 not be the cause of power reduction in every case.

The Causing Factors Of The Error Code C0561

This problem can be caused in two ways. They are:

  • Faulty data: Sometimes, due to several errors, the EBCM can not get proper data from different sensors. This may lead to the C056 error code on chevy.
  • Faulty EBCM: If the EBCm itself is not working properly it can cause the C0561 error code to appear while scanning.

How do I fix my chevy C0561 error code?

Well, now I’m going to cover the most important and desired topic. And it’s about how to fix the C0561 code. Though there’s not much to do than changing a faulty sensor or the system, you can try the following processes too.

#1- Start scanning:

First, all you need to do is to start scanning your vehicle to direct where the problem lies actually. Once you complete scanning, get to the next steps.

#2- Check and fix the wirings:

Check each of the wires that are connected to the control module. If you find any defects, fix them. Go thoroughly to every connection and make sure all of those are in perfect condition.

#3- Check the ABS fuse:

Sometimes the ABS fuse can burn out. In that case, this code can appear. So, check and replace the ABS fuse if necessary.

#4- Check the brake fluid:

If the fluid of the braking system starts to leak out, it can cause the error code to show up. Make sure no fluid is leaking out of the system.

By ensuring these, hopefully, you will be able to eliminate the issue.

How Much Does It Cost To Solve The C0561 Error Code?

That depends on which part of your vehicle is responsible for the code C0561 to come up. It can be very little if the problem is just within the wirings. If you have certain tools and facilities maybe you can fix it on your own.

But if the EBCM or other related parts get damaged, and needs to be replaced, it can cost you several 100$. But just as I said before, it depends on other parameters like what parts you will purchase and how much the repair shop will charge for services.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the C0561 code

Sometimes people get confused about what is causing the issue. As the symptoms I’ve discussed are common for some other problems and error codes too, it’s fair to get confused.

So, I’ll recommend cross-checking every possibility to ensure the right reason behind the problem. Taking professional help is what I consider best if you’re not that skilled in repairing and maintaining vehicles.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What does EBCM do?

EBCM monitors and regulates the smart braking system to ensure more protection while driving.

2. Why is ABS necessary?

ABS protects the tires from slipping while braking. That’s why the possibility of accidents decreases a lot.


If you own a car, you have to deal with these types of problems from time to time. The more you deal with these the more you will have experiences.

C0561 code Chevy is very common for Chevrolet users. So, if you face this code, there’s nothing to worry about. Rather fix it as soon as possible by taking the steps I have described here.

Thus you can get rid of this problem. If none of these suggestions work, maybe the problem is more serious than just EBCM failure. In this case, go to a repair shop and get professional services to avoid any long-term hassles.

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