What Is C0899 code On chevy & How To Fix It?

To identify various problems of any engine, there are several codes. During scanning, these codes help to locate issues in specific parts. C0899 code Chevy is that type of code for Chevrolet vehicles.

This code is usually shown when there is a problem within the voltage regulator of the vehicle. If it is damaged or not working properly, the C0899 code can appear. In that case, you need to take immediate action to solve this issue.

But to handle this situation, you need to have a clear idea about the symptoms and solutions. So, here in this article, I’ll take you through all the causes, symptoms, and solutions to this problem.

Keep reading to explore them all.

C0899 Code Chevy

What Does C0899 Code Mean On chevy?

As you already know, code C0899 indicates a problem with the voltage regulator. There is a voltage regulator system in almost every vehicle. But why do you need it in your vehicle?

This device plays a very important role in running the automobile. From spark plug to all other electrical devices that are integrated into the vehicle need proper voltage. If the input voltage is not within the required range, it may hamper the performance.

So, with a voltage regulator, it is maintained so that each part gets desired voltage input. Also, there are some other sensors that are used to check if the voltage is distributed properly.

If there is any problem that may stop the voltage regulator from performing its function the code C0899 can show up. Not only that, but if the ECU unit fails to read the voltage properly, it can also cause the code to appear.

How serious is the C0899 code on chevy?

Well, that actually depends. Let’s discuss why.

The function of a voltage regulator is not directly linked to engine performance. Rather, it can affect the engine indirectly. Your vehicle may not stop immediately but eventually, it will stop working properly.

Since various electrical parts won’t work at their optimum value, the overall efficiency will decrease. If the situation continues, it can permanently damage some electrical equipment.

And undoubtedly, repairing any of these parts can cost you a good amount of money. So, if not directly, it can be really severe indirectly.

What are the symptoms of C0899 on chevy?

There are no solid symptoms for this issue actually. Rather, you have to check if the code is the reason for certain issues. Didn’t get it? No problem,

let’s elaborate.

Check engine light:

You may see, that sometimes the check engine light is on while you start or drive your vehicle. Though this light can be turned on for many other reasons, Voltage regulator problems can cause it too.

ABS light:

Again, if the ABS light is on, you should check if there is any issue repeated to C0899 code Chevy. Since there are no clear symptoms, you should check if this code is the reason for the above scenarios.

3 Causing Factors Of The Error Code C0899

There are several reasons that may cause the code to appear. Not necessarily all of these reasons need to work together. Rather, any of these following reasons can individually arise this code C0899,

1. Bad Voltage control panel:

Any fault in the voltage control panel can cause this issue. If it is damaged then of course the code will appear as a warning.

2. Short circuit:

If the voltage regulator is okay but there is a short circuit in other parts related to this system, the code may appear as an indication.

3. Lack of current flow:

If the proper amount of current is not supplied in any parts of the vehicle or powertrain control module generally known as PCM, this code can be shown.

How do I fix my chevy C0899 code?

The basic steps to solve the issue are divided into two fundamental parts:


To fix this issue, all you need to do is to identify the problem first. I mean, you need to know what is causing this code to appear.


If there is a problem in the voltage regulator it should be repaired. If it is permanently damaged, you have to replace it with a new one. I’ll recommend going to a professional for servicing.

If you have a brief idea about all the parts and have all the facilities, you can try it by yourself. But it’s better to ensure you have all the tools and facilities required.

How Much Does It Cost To Solve The C0899 Error Code?

The repair cost for C0899 code Chevy is not fixed by the way. It depends on the vehicle model and the severity. All I can do is give you an estimated cost.

Like, in most repair shops, the labor cost is something between 1-5 dollars per hour. And for replacing the voltage regulator or powertrain control module (PCM) you may be charged something between 75-150$.

But it totally depends on which shop you will go to and how they charge. Also, the quality of the devices and sensors you’ll buy to replace the old ones will affect the cost.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the C0265 code?

The most common mistake while diagnosing any engine issues is people tend to go for a cheaper solution. Sounds weird, right? But that’s true.

Most people think they can save money if they spend less on repairing or maintaining little parts. But that’s completely wrong. As you know, the engine of the vehicle itself is an integrated part of so many small things.

So, all these parts need to be in proper condition. Or they won’t provide optimum performance.

Moreover, sometimes the check engine light and ABS light can be on for other reasons. It’s not necessary that it is always an indication for C0899 code on Chevy. So, you should double-check the reason or symptoms.

common question related to C0899 code

1. Is low voltage bad for your vehicle?

Though low voltage is a common problem for vehicles, you should not neglect it for a long time.

2. Can change batteries resolve the C0899 code on Chevy?

If the problem lies in the power source, changing it can solve the issue.

3. Is it necessary to change the voltage regulator to solve C0899?

It’s not mandatory, rather if repairing the regulator can solve the issue, it will save a lot of money than replacing it.

DTC GMC C0899-00 Short Explanation >> Check out the video below:


C0899 code Chevy is a very common code that most Chevy users know about. It’s not so serious that you need to stop driving instantly. Rather, it is an indication that your vehicle is not in perfect condition.

So, to get out of this code, you should take your vehicle to any service shop and fix the problem. Because if you don’t do this, it will gradually affect other parts of the vehicle.

Thus from braking to controlling the vehicle, anything can be harmed by this problem. So, it’s wise to fix this type of problem other than avoid it.

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