What Is c0900 code On chevy & How To Fix It?

When it comes to Chevrolet vehicles, no doubt they are widely popular all around the globe. The performance of these vehicles is really satisfying.

But to get the best output from the engine, you must maintain it properly by regular checking. While scanning for issues, you may have seen the C0900 code chevy. This is nothing but an error code that indicates certain issues in the engine.

This is basically related to the EBCM which stands for the electronic brake control module. It observes, controls, and operates the braking system when necessary. If there are any issues like high voltage in the device, the C0900 code can appear.

c0900 code chevy

What Does C0900 Code Mean On my chevy?

As I’ve mentioned above, the C0900 code on chevy vehicles means, there is a high voltage problem in the EBCM.

EBCM is responsible for monitoring the braking system. When necessary, the sensors integrated within it get activated. Thus it operates the ABS system to ensure higher protection while driving.

As this system is powered by electricity, voltage fluctuation can affect it. This is exactly what the code indicates. It simply means that there is a higher voltage passing through the system than necessary.

How serious is the C0900 code on chevy?

Can the C0900 code be severe on your chevy vehicles?

No doubt that any continuous malfunction within the engine parts can decrease the engine’s performance. If not handled properly, these issues can cause permanent damage to your vehicles.

And no exceptions for this code too. If the voltage fluctuates too much within the EBCM, it can damage the full module. In that case, the automatic braking system may not work properly.

And I’m pretty sure, you will never want that to happen to you.

2 most common symptoms of the C0900 code in chevy

Well, unlike other common error codes on chevy vehicles, there are no clear symptoms for this one. But surely you can observe some malfunction in the engine performance.

The two most common indications of this issue are discussed below:

1. ABS light on:

As you already know, the C0900 code is related to the ABS braking system. So, if there is any problem regarding voltage fluctuation in EBCM, the ABS light will turn on. This is a clear warning that you must check the ABS braking system as well as the EBCM.

2. Check engine light on:

Well, that is the most common warning which comes almost for all issues in the engine. Though it’s not always directly related to the EBCM or the C0900 code, it can be sometimes. So, if this light is on, you better check the EBCM whether it’s working properly.

The problem with these symptoms is, that both of these two can be seen for some other issues too. So, if you notice these symptoms, it’s good to diagnose the engine parts. Maybe the problem is related to C0900. Well, if the EBCM is not causing the issue, try to check other problems as well.

The Causing Factors Of The c0900 code chevy

The EBCM is like a smart integrated system. It can read the speed as well as the driving conditions. And according to the data it can control the anti-lock braking system.

The system can be hampered by external excitations like excess voltage. The reasons behind this are discussed here in brief.

Faulty control module:

The system consists of several sensors and actuators. If any of these sensors get damaged or do not work properly, it can cause this issue. The power supply will be affected and will result in voltage fluctuation.

Short circuit:

Like many other problems, a short circuit can cause the C0900 code too. If the circuit is not maintained properly, it may interrupt the function of the EBCM.

Power supply connected:

If there is any external power supply that is pushing the voltage to more than 18 volts it can cause the C0900 code. The same thing can happen if the voltage goes down less than 9 volts.

How do I fix my c0900 code chevy?

Now it’s time to talk about the solutions. If you are wondering about how to get rid of this C0900 code, get straight to the following points:

#1- Fix the power:

To ensure the proper functioning of the EBCM, the voltage should remain within a certain limit. To eliminate the C0900 code issue, try to maintain a perfect voltage supply to every part of the system.

#2- Replace EBCM:

If the problem is within the EBCM, then you have no other way than to fix it. If repairing it solves the issue it’s good. Otherwise, you will need to replace the whole system. And of course, this will cost you more.

#3- Fix the wirings:

To avoid short-circuit-related issues, always maintain the wirings in the best condition. It’s better to check them from time to time to avoid any sudden fall in performance.

How Much Does It Cost To Solve The C0900 Error Code?

The cost of fixing the code C0900 on chevy depends on several things. Like how badly it is damaged or what is the labor charge in your region.

All I can say is that, if you want to reduce the charges, try to repair it quickly. Because the more time will go, it will get worse. And of course, it will cost much more than before. 

Common mistakes when diagnosing the C0900 code

People often get confused by the symptoms I’ve mentioned above. Because the check engine light or the ABS light can be turned on for several reasons. 

Problems within the throttle valve, oxygen sensor, or even in spark plug can turn the engine light on. So, before taking any steps try to be sure what is causing the symptoms. 

I’ll advise you to take some professional help in that case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can faulty EBCM stop vehicles from running?

Well, maybe it won’t happen all the time, but if things get worse and other parts to get affected, yes, your vehicle can stop working.

2. Should I use cheap EBCm parts in vehicles?

Using a cheaper part may save some money instantly, but in the long run, it won’t be a good investment. So, it’s better to use a good one always.


We all know that automobiles are an integration of thousands of individual parts and pieces. A problem in a little part can affect the whole system and cause a fall in performance.

The C0900 code chevy is just an example of such a situation. Just a voltage fluctuation in the EBCM is the reason behind this problem. Though you can fix it easily by taking proper steps, neglecting can be severe sometimes.

So, if you love your vehicle and want to avoid any hassles in the long run, always monitor and fix any issues even if it is associated with a little part.

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