Chevy Cruze Won’t Start Anti Theft – (Easy solutions)

The anti-theft system went off and your Chevy Cruze won’t start? The thing is, cars don’t have brains like us. They do what they’re programmed to do, which sometimes affects the owner as well. The theft-deterrent system tries to prevent the car from getting stolen as it’s wired to do. This often leads to immobilization. That’s why the chevy Cruze won’t start an anti-theft locked engine.

As a former auto technician, I’ve dealt with plenty of cars like that, and many of them were Chevy Cruze. The solution to this issue isn’t difficult. Having a spare key, or locking the door will do the trick. And if not, you might have to reset the system.

Here I tried to highlight the cause to help you understand what might be the issue with your car’s theft-deterrent system. And focused on possible solutions you can work on to get the engine to start.

Chevy Cruze Won't Start Anti Theft - (Easy solutions)

What Causes Chevy Cruze Anti Theft Immobilization Problem

Chevy Cruze comes installed with the automated electronic theft-deterrent system that’s programmed to prevent stealing in several steps. And offers a great range of aftermarket car alarms for older models.

If you’re wondering why Chevy Cruze is getting so uptight about its anti-theft system, you should know that Chevy is one of the most stolen vehicles out there.

The theft-deterrent system is constructed of sensors and a responder module. The sensors are placed on several parts of the car to ensure the utmost safety from physical contact. The reason why even the slightest bump can make the system think the vehicle is in the wrong hands.

When the sensors don’t recognize the authority figure, it primarily responds with the rapid flashing of the anti-theft light and the constant beeping of the car alarm. A warning on the screen appears; and finally, the system immobilizes the engine to make it impossible to start the car.

While it sounds extreme in theory, pretty effective to stop a thief from approaching from any direction.

However, to predict any possible move, the system is too intertwined to mistake a simple thing for a cautious activity. It can even be caused by the fact that the battery is too low for the engine to function.

So yeah, you can come and find your car all immobilized for various reasons. The question is,

How to start the Chevy Cruze when a thief-deterrent lock won’t let you?

You can try to get out of this mess using some simple tricks.

#1- Unlock and Lock the Door:

Unlock the car door by pressing the unlock button key. Get out of the car. Activate the lock and now close the door. This will reset the system and mobilize the engine.

Try it again several times if didn’t succeed on the first attempt.

#1- Use a Spare Key:

Since this can happen anytime, you should always have a spare key with you. In fact, an owner should always have a backup for their keys, as they’re easy to lose.

If the “spare” key happens to be the original one, there’s a good chance it’ll deactivate the lock. Or it can be the cut that might do the trick.

#1- Rest and Don’t Twist:

Try resting the key instead of twisting it. Enter the key into the ignition switch and remove it after 5-10 seconds. Repeat this process a few times and the warning will disappear and you’ll be able to unlock the ignition.

In case the primary issue is in the ignition chamber, start the ignition and wait for ten minutes, and then turn it off. Start the ignition again after some seconds, and the lock might reset.

These are the first go-to methods people go for to start the engine, and most of the time it works if the system’s alright.

Sometimes, the system goes into locking mode due to low battery. In that scenario, all you have to do is charge the battery to start the engine.

However, if none of the tricks help mobilize the engine, you may have to manually reset the anti-theft system. Which might be the initial step with the older models.

How To Reset The Chevy Cruze Anti Theft System?

Have to disconnect the battery. But how? Let me show you.

In order to reboot your car’s system, you have to locate the battery module. The module keeps the sensors and the responder unit connected.

The module is mounted behind the dashboard of the vehicle, right above the glove compartment. Check behind the instrument panel and you’ll find it in no time.

Once you have located the module, the reset process goes like this –

1. Detach the Cables:

Two cables go into the battery module. Remove the negative one first, and then the positive cable.

2. Reconnect the Cables:

Before reconnecting, make sure the system isn’t active in any way. Wait a few seconds if the light is flashing or the alarm is going off.

Now reattach the cables. This time, start with the positive wire.

3. Check the System:

Check the system by pressing the “start engine” button, or the start button on the key fob. The car should start now.

A lot of owners see this anti-theft lock system as an annoying obstacle to their day-to-day lives. Can’t blame them for the frustration caused by unexpected locks every now and then. In case you feel the same way, you can turn off the theft-deterrent system in your Chevy Cruze.

How To Turn Off Service Theft Deterrent System Chevy Cruze?

Before suggesting, do you really want that? Sure the system can get on our nerves, but do you?

To turn off the system, you have to reach the module battery.

The theft-deterrent system, as we discussed earlier, is mounted above the glove compartment. But in some Chevy Cruze models, the module can be found behind the sunroof as well.

Wherever it’s mounted, remove the cover by unclipping it from the case. Use a wrench or something similar to pry open the battery cover.

Now you’ll see a cable joint connected to the battery, this joint is what activates the sensor. Disconnect it to turn off the system.

Now, the alarm won’t go off and you won’t have to worry about the car getting immobilized. However, this tactic is strongly NOT suggested for your vehicle’s safety.

people also ask (FAQs)

1. Can Anti-Theft System Stop Cars From Starting?

Yes, it can.

To prevent thieves from opening and starting the car, the system disables the ignition and immobilizes the engine. The core reason why the car won’t start.

2. Is There A Fuse For The Chevy Cruze Anti-Theft System?

There is a chevy Cruze alarm fuse for their anti-theft system. The fuse is in the battery module of the system. Depending on the location, it can be either above the glove compartment or behind the sunroof.

You should learn thoroughly about chevy Cruze fuse placements for rebooting your car’s system.

2. Why is the anti-theft light blinking?

It’s part of the anti-theft system’s alarm feature. The light flashes as the chevy Cruze alarm keep going off to warn people nearby about possible theft; more so, to get the owner’s attention.

Chevy Cruze THEFT deterrent mode fix! >> Check out the video below:

Final Words

There is nothing to stress over when the chevy Cruze won’t start an anti-theft lock-controlled engine. It’s there to protect your car. The system turning the engine off only proves it’s doing its job right.

Try locking the door, using a spare key, or turning the ignition on and off. Or it’s just a low battery issue. Hopefully, you won’t have to go as far as resetting the whole system.

Even resetting is pretty simple once the module is located. Just don’t mess up which cable to remove or attach the first.

Most importantly, keep your cool. Dealing with this is a lot less work than having to report your stolen car to the police.

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