Cooper Weather Master ST2 Vs Firestone Winterforce

When looking for state-of-the-art winter tires, they don’t get much better than Cooper Weather Master ST2 and Firestone Winterforce. There are quite a lot of similarities and differences between these two tires.

Some key differences are:

Cooper Weather Master ST2Firestone Winterforce
Type of TireWinter PassengerAll-season Passenger
VersatilityVersatile in terms of the number of vehicles it can fitVersatile in terms of the number of seasons it is suited for
Special TechnologyStone groove and D-squared Sipe technology3PMSF rated

The reason there is a Cooper Weather Master ST2 vs Firestone Winterforce debate in various forums is their various similarities. Since both tires have some traits in common, people are often confused about which one they should buy. Both of these tires are made for winter conditions and have components that complement their specialties. Both tires come with warranties and have similar Load index ratings.

The biggest issue while driving in winter is gaining proper traction on slippery surfaces. Both the Cooper Weather Master ST2 and the Firestone Winterforce provide excellent traction on snowy and wet surfaces. I have detailed the key features I have found on both tires below.

Cooper Weather Master ST2 Vs Firestone Winterforce

Cooper Weather Master ST2 And The Firestone Winterforce – (compared)

When listing the differences between the Cooper Weather Master ST2 and the Firestone Winterforce, I found out that these two tires are very similar. Even then, they had some stark contrasts between some of the key traits that set them apart. These are-

1. Cooper Weather Master ST2

If you are looking for a passenger tire for winter roads, there are hardly any better tires than the Cooper Weather Master ST2. This tire has tires for different sizes and different vehicles. The Cooper Weather Master ST2 is studdable, which makes it achieve great traction on ice and snow. The traction it gains is also helped by the presence of two pairs of steel belts coupled with a couple of rubber layers.

These steel belts as well as the layers of rubber not only help in gaining traction but also make the tire durable. This comes in handy when the tire is regularly subjected to driving conditions that are not suitable. The Cooper Weather Master ST2 has a long tread life, which is helped by its 3-ply rating. This rating along with its lateral and circumference grooves takes the tire’s handling to the next level.

The tread patterns of the Cooper Weather Master ST2 are very intricate. As a result, the tire offers greater stability as well as a smooth and quiet driving experience. The aforementioned grooves not only better the handling of the vehicle, but also evacuates water immediately. This makes driving on wet surfaces easier than ever before.

What makes the Cooper Weather Master ST2 a good winter tire is its ability to travel on icy roads due to its various components. This tire has a Snow Groove tech, that enables the edges of the tire to bite the snow and ensure uninterrupted forward movement. But in doing so, it doesn’t compromise the flexibility of the elements of the tire’s treads.

This Snow Groove technology makes sure that the tire achieves maximum traction on snow by not ejecting the snow. The traction is maximized when the snow comes in direct contact with snow, as opposed to the contact between snow and rubber. The sipes of the tire are shaped like Z, due to the D² technology. This technology ensures the tire gets as much traction and stability on icy and snowy roads as possible by having different sipe depths.

Special Features

  • Offers versatility by having tires for every kind of vehicle out there
  • Excellent traction due to various components
  • 3-ply rating ensures durable treads
  • Circumference and lateral grooves make traction and handling better
  • Snow grooves enhance traction
  • D-squared tech in the sipes ensures greater stability.

2. The Firestone Winterforce

Firestone is a trustworthy brand when it comes to tires that are suited for adverse weather. The Firestone Winterforce is one such tire. This tire provides an excellent driving experience, no matter what the season is. But it brings its best out during winter, which is one of the similarities between Cooper Weather Master ST2 and Firestone Winterforce.

The Firestone Winterforce is studdable, that is size 12 studs can be pinned on them. These studies provide even more potential for gaining traction than it already has. And trust me, it can gain a lot of traction, even on the slipperiest of surfaces. Its ability to achieve traction from these surfaces in winter is supported by its tread pattern, which is asymmetrical.

This tread pattern not only enables the Firestone Winterforce to gain superb traction but also makes sure the handling of the vehicle is top-notch. The braking efficiency also increases manifolds due to the tread pattern. The treadwear of this tire is improved even in colder weather because of top-quality rubber and the presence of studs.

The Firestone Winterforce is 3PMSF rated. That means it is specially equipped to handle snowy conditions. But specializing in handling winter roads doesn’t mean the tire is useless during other seasons, quite the opposite. This tire is an all-season tire that can be used anytime, anywhere.

The Sipes of the Firestone Winterforce are highly dense and the treads are 3-D modeling. As a result, the traction this tire achieves on wet and icy surfaces is even greater. The difference between Cooper Cooper Weather Master ST2 and Firestone Winterforce is that the Firestone is mud rated. As a result, it can move on mud as easily as it can on snow, further enhancing its reputation as an all-season tire.

Special Features:

  • Suited for every season
  • Studdable treads offer higher traction
  • The tread pattern is asymmetrical, providing higher traction, handling, and braking efficiency
  • Top-quality treadwear
  • 3PMSF rated
  • Dense sipes and 3-D modeled treads
  • Mud-rated, adding to the versatility

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Firestone Winterforce Tires Noisy?

Firestone Winterforce tires are made for winter conditions, which means it has almost every quality a winter passenger tire must have. The one quality that it doesn’t have in spades is being quiet. Sometimes this tire can be noisy and annoying. While it isn’t excessively noisy, the noise it makes can’t be ignored either.

2. What Is The Tread Depth Of Firestone Winterforce?

Having a wide range of tread depths is one of the plus points of a Firestone Winterforce tire. The lowest tread depth of this tire is 19/32 inches. While the highest tread depth one can find on a Firestone Winterforce is 16/32 inches.

3. Can Firestone Winterforce Tires In Summer?

The fact that the Firestone Winterforce tires are all-season tires cannot be disputed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the tires will perform the same during every season. These tires will perform at their peak during the winter. But during summer, the tires tend to wear down a lot quicker and the performance goes down considerably.

Final Words

If there’s one thing that is evident from the comparative analysis of Cooper Weather Master ST2 vs Firestone Winterforceis that- there are no clear winners here. The biggest difference between them is their purposes. Cooper Weather Master ST2 is specially made for wet roads. On the other hand, Firestone Winterforce is made for all seasons, keeping especially the winter in mind.

So, if you want an affordable all-season tire, go for Firestone Winterforce. On the other hand, Cooper Weather Master ST2 is the tire to have if the sole purpose is to drive on wet roads.

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