Do I Need Onstar To Use Navigation: chevy navigation without onstar

I know why this question pops up. OnStar is expensive for many! Especially when you have free services like google maps and apple. This begs the question, Do I Need Onstar To Use Navigation?

Now, if you have money problems, you can go for free alternatives. But there is a reason OnStar still holds prolificness in the market. OnStar navigation system gives you many features that you will not find in other services, even if you disregard features other than navigation.

I’ve outlined the article precisely so that you can quickly navigate through it and get all of the relevant details. I’ve included an overview based on my experience, which will help you get a better understanding. So without any further ado, let’s check it out!

Do I Need Onstar To Use Navigation chevy navigation without onstar

Overview Of Onstar Navigation

It’s incredible to see how far technology has evolved! Onstar began its journey in 1997 and is now known for providing one of the top automobile services as well as precise navigation. I’m going to focus just on Onstar’s Navigation system, ignoring all of the other fantastic OnStar features.

I have been using their Navigation system for quite some time and have to say, it’s simply great! OnStar with the in-dash navigation is one of the handiest navigation systems I have used so far, and I am more than satisfied with it!

You don’t need to look at the screen at all because most of the tasks are automated, keeping our eyes on the road rather than the screen itself. Furthermore, its precision astounded me the most! While other navigation systems struggle to give correct turns and precise real-time locations, Onstar delivers them seamlessly.

Overall, any GM car owner should be pleased with the system. Their OnStar Guidance service, which is run by consultants, is quite responsive and takes you through routes when their turn-by-turn technology is not accessible.

What Are The Alternatives?

First of all, you have to realize that OnStar is more than a navigation service. It is a security system for GM vehicles. With that in mind, its proper alternatives would be-

  • Splitsecnd
  • SiriusXM
  • GMC Truck, etc.

But, we are only considering navigation systems here. Although the GM navigation system is great, there are free alternatives that rival the premium price tag of OnStar.

These alternatives are-

  • Google maps
  • Apple maps
  • Waze
  • inRoute
  • CoPilot

These are cheaper and easily accessible solutions. However, OnStar has one of the most accurate maps. And with the recent GM navigation update of cloud-based maps, it is all the rage.

how to use onstar navigation?

To begin, their navigation system is known as turn-by-turn navigation because of how OnStar operates.

Simply press a button on your car’s dashboard, and the system will connect you to an Onstar Advisor. You simply name the location, and the adviser will activate your vehicle’s navigation system on the dashboard.

1. Voice Over

The voiceover system will instruct you to shift directions depending on your destination, as it already knows where you’re headed. Furthermore, you won’t have to glance at the screen, courtesy of this awesome feature.

2. Real-Time Updates

If you miss a turn by accident, the system will alert you and conduct real-time traffic updates. It will give you a new route to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Another key component of navigation is voice command. You may cancel routes, see a preview of the route, and use other commands efficiently.

3. Most Important: Turn-By-Turn Navigation And Advisor Support

As you paid a high subscription fee, an adviser is always accessible to assist you when you travel to a location where the turn-by-turn feature is unavailable. Advisors help you with the aid of Onstar GPS; your advisor will direct you through every alley and avenue.

Do I Need OnStar to Use Navigation?

These days people want proof. The experience of an expert is becoming less and less valuable. That’s why I had to craft this long article to prove my point.

So, YES, you need OnStar if you want the following benefits-

  • Increased convenience of voice command
  • Real-time accuracy in navigation
  • The convenience of downloading the map beforehand
  • Most geographically accurate road maps

people also ask (FAQs)

Now you have a thorough understanding of Onstar and its navigation system. You may be familiar with the more detailed material, but let’s look at the basics. I will address some frequently asked questions so you can get to know them as well.

Is navigation free in GM vehicles?

After you buy your GM vehicle, your dealer will give you Onstar navigation for a certain period for absolutely free. Later on, you need to buy the Onstar subscription to get access to turn-by-turn navigation. However, there is always free default navigation, but you won’t get the turn-by-turn feature.

How do I activate OnStar navigation?

There are three buttons you will come across on an Onstar-installed vehicle. Black, blue, and red button. To activate Onstar navigation, press the blue button with the Onstar logo that is located right above the rearview mirror. The system will instantly connect you to an Onstar Advisor.

Simply inform the operator where you wish to go after the call is connected. After a few seconds of buffering, you’ll be ready for OnStar’s Guidance service. Moreover, you can also access diagnostic checks with that same blue button.

Do most new cars come with navigation?

Both technology and cars evolve with time. Your brand-new automobile will come with the default navigation. However, it is claimed to be unsatisfactory and frustrating due to its inaccuracy.

It’s no surprise that customers prefer premium options from those that guide them to a swimming pool rather than a hotel!

How to Use OnStar Navigation >> Check out the video below:

Final words

To summarize, the Onstar package, without a doubt, provides wonderful support and protection, but it also costs more money. I believe the Onstar navigation system is something to preserve and value. If you have sufficient funding to do so, keep it.

Nonetheless, you might build a list of benefits and downsides and ask yourself, “Do I need Onstar to use navigation or not?” As a result, if you only use Onstar for navigation and don’t care about the Wifi Hotspot, Instant accident call service, or other services, you know what to do.

You can always use another free navigation software or a premium app that is far less expensive. But with this, you get an excellent navigation system, and the personal touch to comprehend its appeal!

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  1. I am heartbroken that I will no longer have my OnStar. I am 74yrs old, drive my car to the store, and often forget to pick up my cell phone. Hands-free driving, required in all states, makes me subjective to a ticket. I am so hurt, and since it is relay by waves, why not upgrade? My car is a 2014 XTS4 in perfect shape. My husband died, and this car has served me well. Cadillac should not do this to customers who purchased a car and were never told it could lose OnStar. I received something in the mail about Guardian, and my fee was changed to $15. I had a new CUE installed. Is there a reason why I didn’t receive an upgrade at that time?

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