Who Makes Fuzion Tires – Is It Worth Buying?

Bridgestone, the largest tire company in the world, makes Fuzion tires. Fuzion tires include all-terrain, highway, sport, and touring tires that have a long lifespan and provide high performance in off-road and challenging scenarios. The tires come with an amazing warranty and a fair price.

Now that you know who makes Fuzion tires, let’s move on to the review section where I will discuss the specifics of the tires and the company behind them.

How good are Bridgestone tires?

Bridgestone manufactures some of the best quality tires on the market. These tires have a robust build quality and give high performance in all terrains. 

Bridgestone was initially a Japanese company, and it merged with an American company named Firestone Tire & Rubber Company in 1988. Currently, 

Bridgestone has close to two hundred production facilities in 24 countries. They supply tires worldwide with their subsidiary brands, and Fuzion is one of them. 

Where are Fuzion tires made?

Fuzion tires are made in the USA. Bridgestone has over 50 manufacturing facilities in the US with over 55,000 employees. However, they do not disclose the exact location of where Fuzion tires are made. 

What Types of Tires Does Fuzion offer?

Fuzion offers the below tires: 

  • Passenger car tires, 
  • Tires for minivans, 
  • Tires for crossover vehicles 
  • Tires for SUVs 
  • Tires for light trucks

How Much Do Fuzion Tires Cost?

Fuzion tire prices vary depending on the tire model and category. Below is the approximate price range list for Fuzion tires:

CategoryPrice Range
All-Terrain tires$180-220
Highway tires$100-160
Sport tires$130-160
Touring tires$110-170

How many miles do Fuzion tires last?

All Fuzion tires are expected to run a minimum of 50,000 miles without any serious damage. Fuzion tires can last between three and six years with the average miles added on a regular passenger car annually, which is around 14,000 miles.

How Does Fuzion Tires’ Warranty Work?

Fuzion offers an amazing warranty with all of its tires. Below is the warranty period with each Fuzion tire category: 

All-terrain tires50,000-mile limited warranty
Highway tires:50,000-mile limited warranty
Sports tires:50,000-mile limited warranty
Touring Tires:60,000-mile limited warranty.

Note: T&C is applied to the warranty. You can read more about it here

Fuzion Tire Sizes

Here are the sizes available with Fuzion tires:

  • All-terrain tires: 15” – 20” rim diameter
  • Highway tires: 14” – 22” rim diameter
  • Sports tires: 16” – 22” rim diameter 
  • Touring Tires: 14” – 20” rim diameter 

Are Fuzion tires good? 5 reasons to choose Fuzion tires

Fuzion tires are good for the price. They are produced by the number one tire company in the industry. So, you can expect consistent and reliable high performance from Fuzion tires. Let’s look at the features that make Fuzion tires a worthwhile purchase.

#1- All Season Tires

High-performance off-road all-season tires are hard to find. And, they are quite expensive. Fuzion has a lineup of all-season tires that promise high performance on off-roads and challenging terrains. The tires have an asymmetrical design that increases grip and control.

They also have silica compounds that decrease the rolling resistance and make the tire more flexible. The lower rolling resistance turns up the fuel economy and increases the MPG as well. 

#2- Low Noise Comfortable Ride

Cheap and low-quality tires create a lot of noise because of their uneven treads. Fuzion makes tires with high-quality materials and a tread pattern that reduces noise to a great extent. The tires create a minimum level of noise, even on wet surfaces. 

#3- High Performance in Rain and Snow

Another reason for the low noise from the Fuzion tire is its four circumferential grooves. These grooves quickly remove water from the tread, which is also called hydroplaning. 

A dry tread increases the stability and control compared to a wet one. The grooves increase the traction on the tires and improve the handling on both wet and snowy roads. In addition to all these, the grooves also give the tire a more sporty look as well.  

#4- Responsive Handling

The sports series tires from Fuzion have the highest level of handling among them all. They give stability and control of the steering on off-roads and in all weather conditions. 

#5- Warranty

Fuzion offers a very favorable warranty period with all of its tires. The Touring series tires get a 60,000-mile limited warranty, and the other three series get a 50,000-mile limited warranty.

This is a very standard warranty period for any type of tire, especially for all-terrain tires, as they tend to wear out faster. 

Fuzion tires Reviews

For each product or brand I review, I check the consumer reviews on review and rating websites to see what the customers think about them. Fuzion tires have mostly positive reviews across all platforms. Most Fuzion tires have 4.5-star reviews on Amazon and Walmart. 

Most people praised the traction and control the tires offered. On the other hand, the most negative reviews were about the service provided by other third-party distributors. 

The Downsides of Fuzion Tires

Overall, Fuzion tires provide great value for the money. However, if I had to point out a downside, it would be the higher price tag. Fuzion tires are more expensive compared to other tires of the same caliber and quality.

If you want to check an alternative, I would suggest the EvertStart tires by Walmart and AC Delco tires. 

people also ask (FAQs)

Now that you know who makes Fuzion tires, and that they are worth the money, let’s wrap up the blog by answering a few more brief questions asked frequently.

1. How are Fuzion tires rated?

Fuzion tires are rated positively by consumers. Most Fuzion tires have an average of 4.5-star reviews across all distribution platforms. 

2. Who sells Fuzion tires?

You can buy Fuzion tires at Walmart and Amazon. You can also order them through Bridgestone tire dealers

3. Who makes Fuzion SUV tires? 

Bridgestone makes Fuzion SUV tires.

Fuzion Tire Review >> Check out the video below:

The Bottom Line

Bridgestone is the parent company and distributor of Fuzion tires. The tires have high performance on off-roads, wet and snowy surfaces. Although the tires are more on the expensive side, the quality and longevity of the tires justify the price.

Let me know which tire brand I should cover next. 

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