How To Turn Off Auto Stop Chevy Malibu (2016 -22)

Automobiles are now more sophisticated and technologically advanced than ever before. Chevrolet recently decided to add an auto start/stop feature to address the massive issue of climate change. However, while this feature appears to be beneficial on paper, it may cause more problems for everyday drivers than they bargained for.

It’s irritating, and some people want to get rid of it. Mainly because the engine turns off constantly during traffic, which is not everyone’s pie. However, as a retired auto technician, I can assure you there are three different ways in which you can deactivate the start-stop feature.

In this article, I will not only help you disable the auto-stop feature but also tell you if it’s worth the effort. Lastly, as a bonus, I will answer some of the most frequent questions people have regarding this. So, buckle up, and let’s get started!

How To Turn Off Auto Stop Chevy Malibu (2016 -19)

how to turn off auto stop chevy malibu on a different model?

On newer Chevy models, you can turn it off at any time. If you are on the older models, then try to make peace with the feature but if you must, then disable it. If you are a buyer, go for the newer models, as they offer the choice to disable the auto-stop feature.

Here on, I will guide you to turn off Stop/Start on different Chevy Malibu.

#1- Auto Start/Stop In Older Models

If you’re wondering how to disable auto stop chevy malibu 2013, such older models don’t have the feature at all. The feature is a much newer implementation by the company and is almost impossible to even upgrade on the previous ones.

However, if you’re facing issues where your Chevy Malibus are shutting down on its own, you better get it to a technician as soon as possible. From my expertise, I can say that is most likely due to an issue with either your battery or, worse, the engine.

#2- Disabling In The More Popular Models

The Chevy Malibu 2018 and 2017 are two of the most popular models with the auto start/stop feature. The process to auto stop chevy malibu 2017 is not much different from that of 2018. Thanks to the similarity, you can try and go with the same methods for either car.

While dealing with this feature may be inconvenient, don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it and show you two ways to disable auto stop chevy malibu 2018. Moreover, the methods mentioned below work properly and are safe for both models.

  •  First, set the gear to L6. This should allow you to drive around freely without having to worry about auto-stop. Don’t worry; driving in L6 is not dangerous and is extremely safe for your vehicle. To put this to the test, I drove around in L6 gear for an entire day, and the car was fine.
  •  Now you can detach the hood latch connector. To do so, open your car’s hood and look for the connector, and go ahead and unplug it. This will disable the auto-stop feature, allowing you to continue driving without interruption.

However, the service engine light will be on, and you will be unable to see notifications or information on the screen. Aside from that, I assure you that it is perfectly fine and safe, and will not cause any damage to you or harm the car.

#3- Disabling In The Newer Models

Seeing the growing interest of their customers, Chevy made the auto stop feature super convenient and straightforward on the newer models. For now, they are implementing a designated button through which car owners can disable them at any time.

Simply put, if you’re wondering how to auto-stop the chevy malibu 2020, simply press the ‘A’ button on the console or interface. That should do the trick, and you don’t need to worry about any engine lights too!

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Is It Worth Disabling the Start Stop Feature Of The Chevy Malibu?

This is a complex and difficult question to answer. In 2016, Chevelerot introduced the turn-off Start/Stop feature in some of their vehicles. The Auto-stop feature was designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also saving fuel. According to research, it saves fuel and is better for the environment.

Now, this feature has both positives and negatives, but if it is causing you more headaches than it relieves, then it’s worth it to disable it. But if you are thinking about the environment and it doesn’t really bother you much, then just let it be.

When Is The Auto Stop Feature Activated

The system first detects the position and the status of the car. It looks as if the car is stationary or not for a given period of time. Next, it also notices if it is out of gear.

The Start/Stop feature is then automatically disabled the engine whenever the car comes to a halt. Usually, when it happens, in most models you’ll see the head of the tachometer pinpointing at the ‘Auto Stop’.

But the engine starts once again when the brakes are released, or the accelerator is pressed once again.

The Environmental Factors of Auto Start/ Stop Features

The goal was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also controlling fuel consumption. They did, however, end up creating one of the most annoying and bothersome features. From my experience, I believe that stopping the engine at every red light and restarting it damages and shortens the life of your engine.

You end up starting the engine 10 times more than usual, which hurts the engine. For example, if you start an engine 40,000 times in its lifetime, you end up starting it 400,000 times due to the turn-off stop/start feature. While you do save fuel, it is not significant.

That being said, I believe in climate change and believe we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the greatest extent possible. It is not worth disabling it if you want to do this for the environment. However, if this feature is simply too inconvenient for you, you can disable it. Choose what is best for you based on your circumstances.

Frequently asked questions – (FAQs)

I’ll try to answer some of your frequently asked questions in this section. It’s a real pity I can’t read and answer all of your questions. But, hey, it’s better than nothing. So, here are some of the most frequently asked questions I discovered.

1. Can you permanently disable stop-start?

On the Chevy Malibu 2020, you can completely disable the feature. Technically, you can’t properly ‘disable’ the 2017 malibu with auto stop. However, the solution I proposed will keep you safe for a long time.

2. Does your Chevy Malibu auto start-stop system save fuel?

Yes. It saves fuel in Malibu but has a negative impact on engine life.

3. Does auto start-stop drain your chevy malibu battery?

Many tests have been performed. However, insufficient data was discovered to demonstrate that battery life gets drained. So you’re fine.

How To Turn Off Auto Stop In Chevy Malibu 2016-2019 >> Check out the video below:


Our environment is deteriorating, and I humbly request that you try to use this feature, especially if you have one of the newer models. Even though the older models may require lengthy procedures, or maybe the feature is not available at all. But the newer models are a blessing.

Working as a technician has allowed me to discover my passion for helping others. And over the years, I have faced both sides’ reasons regarding why should someone keep or disable such a feature.

In this article, I tried not only to show you how to disable the start-stop chevy malibu, but also the reasons why you better keep it.  I hope I was able to assist those who were affected by Chevy Malibus’ auto-stop feature. And was able to make your life a little bit easier and more convenient.

Stay safe and drive safely!

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