what does the P1345 Code Chevy mean & how to fix it?

The Chevrolet Motor Car Company widely known as Chevy supplies affordable vehicles from cars to trucks. P1345 code chevy is just a code that indicates some specific problems within the engine of these vehicles.

Generally, there are two types of codes. One is for specific models and the other is for global vehicles. The codes that start with a ‘0’ in them indicate generic or global codes.

In most cases, the P1345 code indicates problems related to crankshaft and camshaft positioning. In short, it shows that the engine is not working properly and needs to fix it.

P1345 Code Chevy

What Does P1345 Code Mean On chevy?

Just as I mentioned above, the p1345 code means the crankshaft or camshaft is not in perfect position. Also, the timing of these shafts is not maintained properly.

There are two sensors inside the engine shafts. One is called a Crankshaft position sensor (CPS) and the other is called a Camshaft positioning sensor (CMP). These sensors show the position of the shafts.

Since the crankshaft and camshaft work combinedly together, any problem in one will affect the other. So, the ultimate engine timing will be hampered and you will see the p1345 code.

So, basically, this code is an indication of an error in the engine timing. Which will eventually drop the performance of the engine in Chevy vehicles.

How serious is the P1345 code on chevy?

Well, this is something worth explaining. The severity of the p1345 code on chevy depends on how you’re handling the situation. Like, if you ignore the problem continuously it can cause serious damage.

In that case, you have to change the sensors to recover from the issue. Otherwise, the performance of the engine will not be optimum. As many other parts of the engine depending on the reading from this sensor, it will gradually result in more severe problems.

What are the symptoms of P1345 on chevy?

The error code of p1345 is really very common in chevy vehicles. So, often you may face this issue that needs to be resolved immediately. But to perform these actions, you need to identify the problem first.

So, here I’m going to share some information about how you can identify p1345 code chevy. If you observe any of the following symptoms you must check the sensors and the scanner,

Starting of engine issue:

The engine won’t get started or it will take a really hard effort to start the engine.

Bad combustion timing:

The combustion of the engine will not be proper. The spark plug may not function well. Which will lead to a misfire of the combustion product.

Noise generation:

Excessive noise will be generated from the engine. The ticking noise can be a symptom of p1345 code chevy. If you see those symptoms, you need to take immediate action

The Causing Factors Of The Error Code P1345

There are basically three primary reasons for causing the error of p1345 code chevy. For these three reasons, there are multiple factors that will lead to this issue.

The causes are described here to provide you with an enlarged vision of the problem.

Faulty sensors:

I’ve already mentioned that the CPM and CMS sensors can cause this error code. If the sensor is not capable of providing perfect reading there will be an unsynced motion of the shafts. This will mislead the engine and will result in a decrease in engine performance.

Bad distributor:

The function of the distributor is simple. It mainly distributes electrical energy to the ignition coil. This is the reason for the spark plug ignition. There is a rotating arm inside it. Depending on the principle of electromagnetism, rotation creates electricity.

If the distributor gets damaged, it can cause the p1245 code on chevy. In this case, you need to change or repair the distributor.

Faulty timing chain:

The timing chain maintains the engine valve to open and close at the perfect time. If the chain gets stretched or damaged, it won’t work properly. So, the engine timing will be hampered. This will be a reason to show the p1345  code on chevy.

How do I fix my chevy P1345 code?

To fix the chevy P1345 code, you can follow the following steps:

Fixing shaft:

Change the crankshaft and camshaft sensors if you discover that these sensors are causing the error code.

Changing distributor:

Replacing the distributor may fix the issue. But make sure that the problem really is in the distributor box before changing it.

Fixing chain system:

If the timing chain is stretched, take it to the repair shop. Changing the chain or repairing it to its previous shape may solve the issue.

How Much Does It Cost To Solve The P1345 Error Code?

That completely depends on the severity of your problem. All I can do is just provide you with an estimation of your expenses.

Like if you have a problem with the position sensor, it can cost you up to $4000 just for a high-quality sensor. The repair cost is excluded from it. Though you will find some cheaper options for like $1000, they won’t serve as a premium product.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P1345 code?

The sensor that shows the shaft position may get damaged. Not necessarily the real-time position of the shafts needs to have malfunctioned. Rather, a faulty sensor can cause the p1345 code chevy too.

But people often misunderstand the problem and think that the problem is in the shaft. But in most cases, the problem is within the sensors. Again, as this error won’t stop your car immediately, many people ignore this issue. This is really a big mistake. You should take steps to solve this issue quickly.

people also ask (FAQs)

Is it necessary to fix the p1345 error immediately?

To eliminate any further issues related to the engine, it’s wise to resolve the issue quickly.

Can I drive if I have a p1345 error code on my Chevy?

Well, the primary step is to solve the issue. But if you’re not in the right situation, then you can drive a bit to get out of the situation.

Where is the CPS located?

It depends from vehicle to vehicle. But generally, it is situated under the front engine parts.

closing thoughts

P1345 code chevy is an indication of bad engine timing. So, as soon as you observe this problem, you need to resolve it.

Now, that you know the symptoms and the methods of solving this issue, you will be able to take immediate action. Continuous problems related to engine timing may cause permanent engine damage.

So, to maintain your chevy vehicle properly, try to sort out the issue as fast as you can.

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