6 Common Reasons For Rear Tire Wobbles When Driving

It can be concerning if your rear tire wobbles when driving. A shaky tire can make it harder to control the steering, harm the car, and increase your risk of getting into an accident.

Rear tires wobble for three primary reasons: 

  1. The tire tread depth is worn out.
  2. The wheel has been deformed or out of shape. 
  3. Worn out or misaligned transmission and driveline U-joint.

There are a few other non-major errors that can cause the rear tire to wobble. In this blog, I will elaborate further on all of these causes and help you with how to solve the problem. 

6 common reasons for Rear Tire Wobbles When Driving

Caution: Do this immediately when you notice your rear tire wobbling

The very first thing you should do when your car starts to wobble is to go to a mechanic shop or a tire expert. 

A single or multiple wobbly tires can cause serious damage to your vehicle and, more importantly, put you at risk of an accident. So, roll up to the mechanic’s shop even if there’s a tiny bit of wobbling in your car. Don’t put this off or procrastinate on it. 

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6 Common Reasons For Rear Tire Wobbles When Driving

There are a handful of reasons that cause a car to wobble. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

#1- Worn-out tires

Worn-out tire(s) is one of the primary causes of wobbling. Low-tread tires lead to punctures, less control, fuel economy, and wobble. 

To confirm if your tire tread has worn out, simply take a close look at the tire and run your hand over the tire surface. 

You have identified the issue if you can feel any waves or bumps on the tire. This is called cupping, also known as tire scalloping. It refers to an uneven tread depth on the tire. The car’s wobbling side is caused by the tread, which is low on one side and higher on the other. 

#2 – Irregular wheel

A bent or out-of-shape wheel is the second most common reason for the wobbling of a car or truck. 

Although wheels are made of powerful aluminum, they can bend significantly if too much pressure or weight is put on them. If you are constantly driving on rough terrain, the wheels can get out of shape due to the heavy pressure put on them. As a result, the tire can’t properly fit on the bent wheel, which results in wobbling. 

#3 – Flat Spots

If you notice a visible flattening on the tire, especially after being parked for a long time, you can confirm that your tires have flat spots. You can also confirm it by running your hand over the tires. Simply spin the tire and look for any section that feels shaved or flattened. If you can, that means the tire has flat spots—and that’s causing the wobble. 

#4 – Tire balancing

Unbalanced tires are another common cause of car wobbling. Front tires tend to wear out faster than the rear as they are responsible for the acceleration. Out-of-balance tires can cause issues like fast wear of the tread, low fuel economy, and shakiness in the steering. 

#5 – Wheel bearing and Ball joints

Although these two are not common reasons, worn-out wheel bearings and ball joints have the potential to cause wobbling in the car. 

If you experience wobbling at a lower speed, a damaged or failed wheel bearing could be the root cause of it. This is the case as the bearing connects the wheel hub to the suspension and allows the wheel to run smoothly. If the bearing and the ball joint are damaged or worn out, they can cause wobbling in the car. 

#6 – Warped Brake Rotors 

Brake rotors are iron plates, and they’re used to create friction to brake and decrease the acceleration of the vehicle. If the brake rotors get warped or worn out over time, they can cause a vibration/shakiness when pushed against by the brake pads. 

How do I fix a wobbly tire on my car?

If you have identified the exact problem that’s making your car wobble, let’s talk about how to fix it. 

Here’s the rule of thumb, whenever your car wobbles, it means something needs to be replaced. It could be worn-out tires, wheels, bearings, or brakes. You may need to replace single or multiple items to solve the wobbling problem. 

If you are not sure about what’s causing the wobbling, it’d be best to consult an expert or visit the nearby repair shop. A technician can run a thorough test on the tires, wheels, and brakes to find out the exact cause of the wobbling. They can fix it for you in no time. 

Car Wobbles While Driving Fixed >> Check out the video below:

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Why does my car wobble at low speeds?

A worn-out tire and an out-of-shape wheel are the two primary factors that cause wobbling at low speeds. Generally, flat spots don’t cause much wobbling at lower speeds. Decayed bearings and unbalanced tires also have a slim chance of causing wobbling under 50 miles per hour. 

2. Why does my car wobble at high speeds?

Bent wheels, worn-out brakes, bearings, and low tread — all of these insufficiencies can cause wobbling at high speeds as well as low speeds. Additionally, a flat spot on the tire can make the wobbling worse at high speeds.  

3. Is it safe to drive on a wobbly tire?

No, driving with a wobbly tire is not safe at all. A single shaky tire can take away much of the control over the steering. It can get worse in the rain and snow. You should immediately head to a repair shop after noticing wobbling in your vehicle. 

4. Why is my front tire wobbling?

All the causes that I have discussed in this blog can also be the reasons behind wobbling on the front tire. If your front tire is wobbling, here are the things you should check on: 

  1. Tire condition
  2. Wheel condition 
  3. Tire balance 
  4. Brakes 

Whether you can locate the errors by yourself or not, I’d highly recommend you visit the repair ship immediately to fix the wobbling.


Here are the six reasons why your rear tire wobbles when driving: out-of-shape wheel, worn-out tire, brake rotors, bearings, ball joints, and unbalanced tires. Wobbling indicates that one or more of these items should be replaced in your car. It’s highly recommended that you visit the repair shop whenever you find your car wobbling.

I have tried to cover everything to eradicate wobbling from your car. Let me know if you have any queries in the comment section below. 

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