Who Makes Lancaster Tires: are they any good?

Lancaster Tires is the sister company of Statewide Tires. However, both companies are under the ownership of JS General Science Technology Co. Ltd. To put it in simpler terms, Lancaster tires are made by JS General Science Technology Co. Ltd.

You know Lancaster Tires is a common name in the premium segment of the tire market. These tires are well known for their performance and quality. The manufacturers of these tires are also pretty well known yet they are not as famous as brands like Michelin, Cooper, or Goodyear.

So, you might want to know who the manufacturers of Lancaster tires are. If that is the case, without any delay,  let us discuss it.

Who Makes Lancaster Tires: are they any good?

Where are Lancaster tires made and manufactured?

Lancaster Tires are made and manufactured in Jiangsu, China. Most of the tire manufacturing plants in that region belong to JS General Science Technology Co. Ltd.

In those plants, Lancaster tires are manufactured. The quality of these tires is maintained under strict monitoring from the parent company itself.

What are the selling points for Lancaster tires?

There are various selling points of Lancaster tires. Some of the important ones are:

  • Durability 
  • Pricing
  • Control

Where do Lancaster Tires sit in the tire market?

Lancaster tires are not best sellers, but they are a popular choice in the tire market. The privileges they provide at a reasonable price give them a quite respectable position in the tire market.

How long have Lancaster tires been in business?

Lancaster Tires started its journey in 1995. Since then, they have risen in status as years passed by. So, they have been in the business of producing tires for around 27 years.

The warranty policy of Lancaster

The warranty of a Lancaster tire can be activated within the first 36 months from the date of original purchase or the first 2/32 inch of tread wear if a ride disturbance complaint arises. The tires can be repaired or replaced without any charge.

However, in case, there is any irregular wear or damage due to excessive loading, road hazards, misalignment, contamination or degradation by fire, petroleum, etc., the warranty becomes void.

How many miles do Lancaster tires last?

Like most of tires, Lancaster tires last about 50000 miles on average. However, the condition of the terrain, season, etc. affects the lifespan of the Lancaster tires. 

What Vehicles Can Use Lancaster Tire?

Whether you have a truck or a car,  Lancaster tires are compatible with all vehicles. They have over a hundred models for passenger vehicles. Not only that, but they also have options for both light trucks and commercial vehicles.

Different Sizes of Lancaster Tires?

Lancaster tires have over 100 tire sizes having widths ranging from 145 mm to 1400mm. Moreover, the radius of the tires ranges from 15 inches to 24 inches. The sidewall aspect ratio varies from 35 to 70.

Are Lancaster tires good? 3 reasons to buy them

Lancaster tires offer good tires for a premium price. There are many good qualities of a Lancaster tire. So, choosing only three of them is quite a complicated task. However, we have selected 3 of the unique aspects of a Lancaster tire that makes it good. Now, we will briefly describe them:


Lancaster tires come with ample options for you to choose from. They have a large number of models at their disposal. The sheer number of models exceeds the models offered by most of the brands. So, you will have options to buy a tire that will suit your specific needs.


These tires are extremely well-built. Although they are manufactured in China, they have their qualities carefully controlled. These tires are also extremely well-engineered. These tires are designed to withstand any obstacle they face.


Be it a dry road or wet road, Lancaster tires always provide their best. They have very practical designs to perform at such a high level. These tires have amazing traction control with top-of-the-line controlling ability as well as a stable performance at top speed. These tires also quite fuel-efficient.

The products of Lancaster tires that this brand makes

Lancaster tires have over a hundred models. These tires are classified in various categories according to the vehicle types. Let’s talk about three of those tires. This will give you a gist about the company’s tires:

Lancaster LS-57 R/T:

This tire is built for SUVs, light trucks, and jeeps. The tire model is mainly a rough terrain tire. Hence, the tread pattern of this tire is designed quite aggressively. This provides excellent performance and traction regardless of the terrain.

The tread blocks are also widely spaced. Due to this design, the tire can force out water, mud, etc. This provides a long tread life.

Lancaster DL370 Drive Sld Shld L/H:

This is a commercial tire from Lancaster. It has SmartWay verification. Along with that, it is designed for using it on the drive axle. The tread design of this tire distributes pressure evenly within the tire. This enhances both the traction and the tread life of the tire.

To make the ride more comfortable for the riders, the tread grooves are V-shaped in design. Also, as a bonus to all these features, this tire has excellent fuel efficiency.

Lancaster LR-66:

This is an all-season tire. So, the Lancaster LR-66 tire performs well in almost all weather conditions. It can also be used on most passenger cars. 

The versatility of this tire is amazing in that manner. Specially designed tread grooves force the water out in wet conditions, which reduces the risk of accidents by a large margin.

Due to its tread pattern being asymmetric, the tire can provide consistent traction on both dry and wet roads. The center ribs are also designed in a way to enhance the stability and handling capacity. 

Lancaster tires: Are there any drawbacks?

There aren’t many noticeable drawbacks to a Lancaster tire. But, we think that it is necessary for you to know about some of the drawbacks. Here are some major drawbacks of a Lancaster Tire:

Although Lancaster tires are manufactured in China, they have a high price tag, unlike most other Chinese-manufactured tires. There are many tires that can be compared to Lancaster tires albeit having a much cheaper price.

The sound profile of Lancaster tires is quite loud. Though it is not much, some people find it very annoying. If you are someone who can’t handle loud sounds, Lancaster tires may not be a suitable choice for you.

Some online shops give no mileage warranty for Lancaster tires. Not only that, there is no concrete information from the sellers about how long the tire should last. This is a huge downside to consider if you want to buy a Lancaster tire.

How to care for Lancaster tires?

It is necessary to know how to take proper care of Lancaster tires. With proper care and maintenance, these tires will have a long lifespan. Here are a few suggestions regarding how you can take care of the tires:

  • Make sure to maintain proper tire pressure.
  • Avoid punctures.
  • Make sure to take them to service centers regularly.
  • Rotate the tires properly from time to time.

Are there any good alternatives available for Lancaster tires?

Yes, there are a lot of good alternatives to Lancaster tires. Amongst them, a few are mentioned below:

  • Michelin
  • Firestone
  • Cooper
  • Goodyear 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where are Lancaster tires manufactured?

Lancaster Tires are manufactured in China.

2. Are Lancaster tires good quality?

Lancaster Tires prioritize making tires with excellent materials. Hence, it can be said that Lancaster tires are of good quality.


In this article,  we have tried to cover pretty much everything regarding the manufacturers of Lancaster tires. After reading this article, you should have quite a clear idea about these tires. 

Remember this, the decision on whether to choose this tire or not entirely depends on you. This article will only help you in making the decision. 

Lancaster tires are very good tires, having only a few downsides. If budget is not your problem, you can keep Lancaster tires as a viable option. We sincerely hope that this article will be of help to you.

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